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Helen C. Reed


I used to watch my father take pictures with his old AE-1, read his photography books, and lovingly (and oh so delicately!) run my fingers along the many pages of negatives. It took awhile to realize, but this passion for telling stories through pictures runs through my veins. After meandering aimlessly through early-adulthood, nurturing two young children, and a few false starts, I happened upon an opportunity to learn about the art of photography. I am intensely appreciative that the universe set me on a path to discover my abilities and develop my talents through the teaching of a great mentor, a tribe of insanely talented friends, and the most supportive family a lady could ask for.  I currently work as a free-lance photographer specializing in weddings and portraits, although I do not discriminate against any subject!  I also work with various photographers in the New Orleans area, offering  post production editing, design services, and business management solutions.  

I hold a Bachelors degree in Business Management with a minor in Fine Art Photography from the University of New Orleans.

Photo by Jude Guidry


Photo by Jude Guidry